About MenaLearns

MENALearns is an online learning platform for American curriculum educators. We offer tools and resources connected to curriculum, instruction, assessment, professional learning, and more.

About American Curriculum

The American curriculum is based on standards of achievement in all subject areas, supported by a broad range of co-curricular activities that ensure students have the opportunity to develop fully as individuals. It includes inquiry-based, hands-on teaching methods and learning strategies geared to individualized instruction.

The American curriculum represents a broad and balanced K-12 program commencing with Kindergarten at age 5 and concludes with the award of the American high school diploma on successful completion of grade 12 at age 17. The curriculum prepares the student for the SAT, and the Advanced Placement (AP) program is an option offered in many American curriculum schools. The American diploma is accepted for entrance by all US universities and colleges and is recognized by international higher education institutions.